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In Australia, there are two standards of inspections

Save yourself a nightmare, by making sure your property is regularly inspected and your most valuable investment protected.

Did you know that insurance won’t cover home damage caused by termites?

Worst case scenario: You might be sitting at home during a storm when your roof collapses and water damage occurs within your home. Then your insurance assessor informs your property or contents aren’t covered because the damage was caused by termites!

AS 4349.3 is our standard inspection

A pre-purchase inspection by our team will provide you with valuable information to aid in your property purchasing decision.

During the inspection, your pest inspector will look for:

  • Live active termites/borers and damage done
  • Wood rot/decay
  • Areas of high moisture or water leak that could indicate concealed termite activity or that will attract termites
  • Signs whether or not a property has or has had a termite management system in place

Protect your investment

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